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Lightmap HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 2

Posted on
January 29, 2021

Lightmap announces their latest release HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 2.

What's New? 

  • Filters
  • Light Looks

Diffusion Filter:

The diffusion filter is one of the first filters to be added to HDR Light Studio. The diffusion filter mimics a blur effect that spreads the softening of the lights. Here are the key features of the diffusion filter:

  • Real-time - change settings with instant feedback
  • Energy Conserving - preserving the amount of light in your HDRI map.
  • Spherical option for HDRI Maps
  • Planar option for Area Lights
  • Use with Masking to apply Diffusion to specific regions
  • Available only on Composite Light content

Light Looks: 

This new feature allows you to save, store, compare, duplicate and edit multiple lighting designs within a single HDR Light project and create various lighting styles or templates that can be reused. Light Looks also lets you setup a lighting design per camera view which is a massive workflow enhancement preventing the need to save multiple scene(s) files in the host application for each lighting design.

It is amazing to see how far Light Studio has come since the early V4 releases.

Posted on
January 29, 2021