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Edit Desk

A Workspace Designed for Creativity.

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Completion Date:
September 2015
Development Project
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The desk design is a concept idea to improve on the previous generation's of the edit desk design. The two generations are shown below:

1st Generation of the Edit Desk:

Three worktop sections with oak or beech timber inserts.

2nd Generation of the Edit Desk:

Single laminate worktop with black rubber nosing.

Initial Sketches

The shape of the legs will drive the overall desk design by using the lines from the legs to create the courtesy panels & cable management

Mark I Design

This was the first initial design concept. Mark 1 was not a huge leap forward but the re-design has to start somewhere similar to prevent alienating the foundations of the original design too soon.

Mark II Design

Mark II uses a box design with a front brace that allows the front of the worktop to be supported while the rest of the design will house cabling.

Mark III Design

Mark III gives the desk a very modern appearance using a painted timber leg design sandwiched between two sheets of powder-coated metal.

Integrated Cable Management

The cable management void helps to keep the cables hidden


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