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The Making of: Lamborghini Aventador

Posted on
June 5, 2020

I have been on furlough for a month now and while on furlough I decided to give Autodesk VRED a test drive. I spent roughly 2-3 hrs most evenings for the last 4 weeks working on this project to dig deep into VRED to learn the essential tools.

Highly Detailed 3D Model Purchased Online

I scoured the web for the ideal 3D model, it had to be very detailed for realism so I could focus on the materials and lighting instead of spending weeks or months on modelling. After a few hours of looking I found a highly detailed Lamborghini model at the price of £120 which was a really great price considering the detail it contained.

Creating PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) Materials

Importing the 3D Model into VRED was really straight forward. After importing the Lamborghini I started creating some of the materials from scratch instead of only using the presets in VRED as I wanted to understand how to use the material types and settings.

HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) Lighting and Backplates

HDRI Lighting can be used to create very realistic reflections or refractions. Picking the right HDRI can be tricky depending on the look you are after.

When looking through the overwhelming amount of HDRI's available online I tried a few and one thing I did notice was when you used a sunny day it can drastically effect your materials if you don't calibrate the exposure of your HDRI and backplate.

So I decided to pick a cloudy HDRI and Backplate to get the best out of my materials and that decision gave me really good results.

The HDRI's I used were from Apex_autoplates they create very high quality HDRI's at a great price some are even free for personal use.

Post Processing: Adobe Photoshop

I would recommend post work on most if not all of your rendered images to enhance the contrast, reduce noise or simply stylise it with a colour grade.

Left: No Tonal Contrast | Right: Tonal Contrast

The Making of Video

You can see the full process in the making of video:

Posted on
June 5, 2020