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Next Limit's Maxwell Render V5.2 Released

Posted on
March 9, 2021

As a veteran user of Maxwell Render I have always felt that it was ahead of its time. The quality and realism of the Images that it produces with such ease makes Maxwell unmatched compared to other render engines.

Today's computer technology is helping Maxwell overcome the speed hurdle and I don't think you can entirely say Maxwell is slow for the accuracy it provides which is why the denoiser & cloud rendering help improve render times when using either the CPU or GPU Engine.

New Denoiser Implementation:

Maxwell Render v5.2 has given the denoiser a complete overhaul and now there is no need to run two passes of the denoiser making it much easier to use. The denoiser information is kept in the mxi output file, the memory requirements are reduced to the minimum, and new fine-tuning options are available.

Multilight Supported in GPU Engine:

Multilight now runs on the GPU engine allowing even faster feedback when tweaking your lighting. The GPU engine also supports Nvidia’s new Ampere GPUs, including the Geforce RTX 30 Series

Integration of Substance file format (.sbsar):

Maxwell Render now allows you to easily load and tweak the parameters of any Substance materials directly inside Maxwell's Material Editor. This is a HUGE feature and I have to say I am really impressed as it opens a whole new workflow when it comes to having the right materials for a particular project. Substance Share provides free materials while Substance Source requires a subscription to access the high end materials.

Substance Share (Free)
Substance Source (Requires a Monthly Subscription)  

I downloaded a free .sbsar material from Substance Share and imported it into Maxwell Render and it worked seamlessly. The Substance Material can even be converted to an advance Maxwell material to expose the BSDF Properties, Layers and Textures.

Substance Materials inside Maxwell Render
Substance .sbsar file Format Imported into Maxwell Render
Final Render of Substance .sbsar Material using Maxwell Render
Posted on
March 9, 2021