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Autodesk Inventor 2022 : What's New

Posted on
April 6, 2021

Autodesk have improved existing functionality and workflows through customer driven feedback adding more functionality than ever before, thus releasing the most impressive Inventor software package to date.

What's New?

  • Model States
  • Interoperability Improvements
  • Productivity and Performance
  • Drawing Enhancements

Model States:

In this release we see the introduction of model states. I strongly believe that the model states functionality for parts and assemblies is a winner when looking at all the other enhancements for this release. Model States is fully supported by Inventor's API and iLogic making it a very powerful workflow that creates multiple design variations of a part or an assembly without the need of generating each variation as a file. This is going to be a huge milestone for design automation inside Inventor.

Support for Model States within iLogic

Goodbye Level of Detail: 

Model States replaces Level of Detail so when moving to Inventor 2022 from previous versions your current Level of Details will be converted to model states automatically.

Interoperability Improvements:

Inventor 2022 adds interoperability between Inventor and Fusion 360 allowing users to connect directly to fusion instead of using the desktop connector.

Note: This Functionality is ONLY available for Part Files

Improvements have also been made to allow Revit project files to be saved natively from inventor with the aid of presets that allow you to save your settings so that next time the design changes you can re-use those settings by selecting the preset.

Productivity and Performance:

The graphics technology and hardware utilization have improvements when editing parts while working in an assembly or while editing sketches. Visual Styles now use more GPU power to display wireframe and silhouette edges. In previous versions this would cause a noticeable drop in performance within the viewport.

Property panel improvements to the fillet command have been moved into three new property panels for fillet, face fillet, and full round fillet.  This will reduce the number of settings in the panel based on your intent.

New Property Panel for Fillets

The Dark theme has now been fully implemented across the Inventor user interface improving the overall experience and feel of the product.

Drawing Enhancements:

You can now change the way a shaded view looks in a drawing by changing the lighting style in your model, camera views can now be used in drawings to complement 3D annotations created in each view.


If you are not currently running Autodesk Inventor 2022 I suggest it is time to make that jump, model states alone will improve your workflow.

Posted on
April 6, 2021